Weekly Bulletin

June 22, 2017
Weekly Bulletin

Memorial Service

This Sunday, June 25th, we will offer a Memorial Service in honor and memory of our brother in Christ, Nadeem Ibrahim Zarifeh, the brother of Clair Alley and Grace Alley.

"May your memory be eternal our brother, worthy to be deemed happy and ever to be remembered."

Forty Day Blessing

This Sunday, June 25th, the Annunciation family will have the joy of welcoming into the Holy Church, James Daniel Kuttikandathil Chacko, the new born son of Jeffrey & Ashley Chacko. Ashley and her son will observe the ancient Old and New Testament custom of the Forty Day Blessing; a beautiful service that emulates Mary bringing Jesus to the Temple on the fortieth day after His birth (The Presentation of Christ). This ancient rite offers prayers of thanksgiving to God for the safe delivery of both the mother and child, blesses them both, and then formally brings the infant into the House of the Lord for the very first time. This morning at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy after the Blessed Bread has been distributed, everyone who wishes to participate in this timeless service is invited to return to their pew instead of proceeding directly to the Fellowship Hour.

Delegates Needed

This year the Metropolis of Detroit Clergy Laity Conference will take place in Buffalo, New York, Wednesday, September 27th until Saturday, September 30th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We need some parishioners to serve as delegates from the Annunciation. If you can serve and or would like some more information, please see a Parish Council member. Parish Delegates will be nominated and elected at our August Parish Assembly.

Parish Pictures Have Moved

For the last few years we have maintained the library of Church pictures at the Phanfare website. Recently Phanfare has been absorbed by SmugMug and so our photo library has moved to an all new location. With the help of our very own Jerry Horani, the web address has changed, but it is still just as easy and simple for our Church family to access the pictures of the parish. Visit our website, OrthodoxChurch.com, and click on the link at the top of the page, or:

  1. In your web browser type AGOC.SmugMug.com.
  2. Select any picture folder.
  3. It will then ask for the password, which is the church phone number without the area code.

This also serves as a reminder that if you have pictures from life at the parish to share and keep in our parish history, please send us your pictures at the Annunciation via e-mail to the Church Office or provide us with a disc or USB drive that we can copy and return back to you. We will then upload the photos to the site for everyone here and now, as well as future generations, to enjoy.

Please Help!

We need Epistle Readers! And the summer season means that we also need parishioners to go the extra mile and host an upcoming Fellowship Hour (Sunday, July 2nd is available). The two sign-up sheets are on our bulletin board - please consider registering for a given Sunday.