Weekly Bulletin

April 13, 2018
Weekly Bulletin
Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

Oratorical Festival

This Sunday, April 15th, the parish will be conducting the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. Following the Fellowship Hour, everyone is invited to gather inside the Church to hear our Youth make their presentations. This is a beautiful opportunity to hear our young people speak on our Orthodox Christian faith - come and join us!

Parish Assembly

Please note that we will conduct a Parish Assembly on Sunday, April 22nd after the Divine Liturgy. As faithful Stewards of the Annunciation, let us gather together to embrace the work of the Church.

OPA Group

A reminder that the OPA Group will be meeting on Thursday, April 26th at11:30am for Lunch & A Movie! Please join us!!

Save the Date!

A reminder that our Sunday School Graduation will take place on Sunday, May 6th. Join us!

Our 2018 Stewardship Commitment

Please remember that the Annunciation's 2018 Stewardship Program is under way. Commitment Cards have been mailed, are available in the pews, or can completed online at the Church website. We ask our Church family to please complete and return a Commitment Card in the provided envelope, weekly collection tray, or to a member of the Parish Council. You may also submit your 2018 Pledge online and set up automatic contributions (OrthodoxChurch.com/Stewardship). Let us all embrace our God-given calling to personally take care of His Church here in Little Rock. Our Stewardship is an act of faith that reflects our dedication to God's plan.

A Founding Member Turns 100!

Our very own Ms. May Peters will be celebrating her 100th birthday with family and friends in Pennsylvania this April 20th! While May Peters moved back to Pennsylvania several years ago in order to be closer to her children, she has never forgotten her beloved church family in Little Rock and we have never forgotten her or her many contributions to the parish. Ms. Peters is in fact one of the several "first pillars" of our church present during the ground breaking dedication ceremony of our church in the 1980s, and she is one of the ladies who helped to launch the parish's pastry baking tradition in order to financially strengthen and support the work of this church. It is a testament to her generation's generosity and wisdom that the pastry baking project continues to succeed to this very day: we continue to work very hard to keep the project going as the torch is passed to another generation of dedicated parishioners. With special thanks to Kristen Mirontschukfor helping us to honor Ms. Peters, please join us in wishing May Peters a Very Happy 100th Birthday! There is no doubt that this faithful Church lady will be pleasantly surprised to hear from old as well as new friends from the Annunciation! Her mailing address is:

Ms. May Peters
412 Kenneth Avenue
Johnston, PA 15904

Fellowship Hour

One of the wonderful elements to the conclusion of Sunday services at our parish is the time to gather together for some fellowship. It is an important opportunity by which we can personally greet one another as well as welcome visitors. With that in mind, we need hosts for upcoming Fellowship Hours! It does not need to be an elaborate feast, simply some light and simple snacks. So if you or your family would like to commemorate a special event, honor the memory of a loved one, or would simply like to offer a gift to your Church family, please sign up on the bulletin board to host an upcoming Fellowship Hour. **This Sunday, April 15th is available!**