Weekly Bulletin

April 27, 2017
Weekly Bulletin

Our Baby Bottle Project Collection Is This Sunday!

For the last few weeks our whole Church family has embraced a precious almsgiving project: The Baby Bottle Campaign for the Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center - filling the bottles with coins, cash, or checks (made out to APRC). This project has been providing us with a meaningful way to respond to Christ's victory over death by supporting the gift of life as we refocus ourselves on the new life in Christ. Please remind everyone in your family to bring their personal filled Baby Bottles with their donations to the Church THIS SUNDAY, April 30th!!! THIS SUNDAY, after we have received the Blessed Bread at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, we will return our personal Baby Bottles with our donations in baskets at the back of the church.

Memorial Service

This Sunday, April 30th, we will offer a Memorial Service in honor and memory of our sister in Christ, Mariam Eid.

"May your memory be eternal our sister, worthy to be deemed happy and ever to be remembered."

Our Stewardship

Please remember the Risen Lord's church of the Annunciation in Little Rock. You can donate via the commitment card, envelope or online at orthodoxchurch.com/stewardship. Your generous response to God honors the Lord and is a blessing not only to the parish but to its ongoing ministries. Knowing that it takes $1,300 a day for the Annunciation to operate, please prayerfully consider how you can support the work of the Church and enable the parish to expand its efforts to the glory of God. Our stewardship offerings are a tangible response to God and His Good News. During this season of joy and exultation at the Lord's Resurrection is a blessed opportunity to seriously reflect on how we may personally continue to advance the good news of the Risen Christ through our ongoing financial support of this parish. Our stewardship of the Annunciation is our personal response to Christ RISEN from the Dead!

Parish Assembly

Please note that we will conduct a Parish Assembly this Sunday, April 30th after the Divine Liturgy. Faithful Stewards of the parish are encouraged to gather together.

Festival News

Please keep our monumental project in your prayers and actively participate, so that by our personal efforts, the Festival will continue to be a powerful force for good!

  • Festival Meeting:
    We ask everyone to attend our Festival Meeting THIS Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:00pm. All together, we can do great things to the glory of God!

  • Festival Cashiers Needed:
    As you know it is Festival Policy that the cash registers for our booths are staffed by Annunciation parishioners who are at least 18 years old. We need parishioners' help! Please see Philip Miron or Kevin Wilcox and sign up as a cashier. We need our Church family members to meet this need. Without YOU, the Festival is impossible!

Missing Kitchen Equipment

With the Festival preparations in the kitchen well under way, we urgently need any borrowed kitchen equipment to be returned. The parish is currently missing dozens of pans and some other pieces of kitchen equipment that are of critical use. Please bring any borrowed pans or equipment back to the Church as soon as possible: we need them now more than ever!

Save the Date!

A reminder that next Sunday, May 7th, our Church family will pause to congratulate all of our Sunday School students on the completion of their 2016-2017 journey as well as thank all of our Sunday School teachers and staff for their tireless dedication to this vital ministry.

Please Help!

Things are moving forward at a fever pitch, but please bear in mind that the parish still needs the help of its parishioners. We need Epistle Readers! And the Summer season means that we also need parishioners to go the extra mile and host an upcoming Fellowship Hour. The two sign-up sheets are on our bulletin board in the hallway - please consider registering as an Epistle Reader for a given Sunday (this Sunday, April 30th and next Sunday, May 7th are available) or hosting/sponsoring an upcoming Fellowship Hour.

Father Jarrod Russell

It is with particular joy that our parish welcomes back its "beloved son," Father Jarrod Russell - the first Seminarian and Priest to come from within the ranks of our Church family here in Little Rock. Fr. Jarrod serves as the Parish Priest of the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Jamestown, New York, and is back in Arkansas on vacation to visit his family. On such a special occasion, Fr. Nicholas has asked Fr. Jarrod to lead the Divine Liturgy this Sunday, April 30th. This will be truly a very happy day for our Church family!