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Our Annunciation Church family in Little Rock is blessed by the Lord our God to be a Church family in Little Rock that is able to experience and practice our shared Orthodox Christian faith in the Lord. Worshiping and working together as a dynamic Orthodox Christian Church family, we not only have the privilege of living in God’s Grace but as a result, we are instruments of Christ love and grace towards all people. The Lord God has brought us together at the Annunciation, and united in Him and His love we are all indeed blessed to be members of the Annunciation Church family in Little Rock.

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Parish Directory

Electronic Parish Directory:    If you are new to the parish or any of your contact information has changed, please provide your details to the Church Office (501-221-5300 or so that we can update our online Parish Directory as well add you to our contact list. And please remember that should you find an error or typo regarding your information, please contact the Church Office and we will make the correction/update. 
Don't forget to add your Annunciation parish directory to your smart phone today! 
1.    Open up the Play Store or App Store and search for CTRN Online Directory. 
2.    Download and install the app, then open it. 
3.    Once opened it will ask for a Privacy Code and Privacy Key, these codes will be provided to you by our Church Admin. 

Now you will always have access to our Parish Directory! 

Christian Stewardship

Christian Stewardship of our Time, Talent and Treasure is the manner and means by which the members of the Annunciation support, maintain and promote their Church. It is the selfless and loving offering of one’s Time, Talent, and Treasure to Annunciation that helps fulfill the timeless mission of the Orthodox Church and enables the Good News of Christ to be shared with others. All members of the Annunciation family must be faithful stewards of the parish. Every year, the men and women of the Annunciation are asked to prayerfully consider their Stewardship to the Church and submit an Information and Commitment Card in order to enable the Annunciation in Little Rock to continue to carry forth the message of salvation which comes from Christ our Lord.

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Stewardship at the Annunciation in Little Rock consists of three equally important things: Time, Talent and Treasure. The Annunciation in Little Rock needs each and everyone’s Time in service to the ministries, worship and fundraising endeavors of the parish. The Annunciation in Little Rock needs each and everyone’s Talent so as to continue to expand the ministries and outreach of the parish. The Annunciation in Little Rock needs a portion of our Treasure to further share the message of Christ with the world and to ensure the financial well-being of the parish. The three T’s of Stewardship are not mutually exclusive, but intrinsically woven elements that form the essence of Stewardship at the Annunciation in Little Rock. Everyone in our Church family must prayerfully base his or her allocation of Time, Talent and Treasure to the Annunciation on what they feel in their heart and soul will fulfill their responsibility to Jesus Christ and His Church.

The support of the total ministry of the Annunciation is a sacred responsibility that everyone in the parish is responsible for. Our love of God and His Church must guide the extent to which we will serve and financially support the Annunciation. The Lord asks us for our own good, and for the sake of our communion with Him, that we grow in His likeness and image, share generously and return an honest portion of what He has made possible with the Annunciation. We cannot give to God what is His, we can only return it to Him in gratitude and thanksgiving through our faithful Stewardship of the Annunciation.