Become Blessed With the Light of Christ

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is a diverse community of men and women who have different ethnicities and backgrounds, all bonded together by the Orthodox Christian way of life. Established in 1913, our parish has been a home for residents of Little Rock, AR and the rest of Central Arkansas who desire a life that is close to God.

Members of our vibrant community adhere to Orthodox Christian principles that are centered on serving our Lord and loving our neighbors. We walk alongside every parishioner, helping him or her have a deeper relationship with Christ and receive His blessings through the Holy Spirit.

Our parish is home to more than 250 families with different nationalities, all of whom are witnesses to the Good News of Christ. Also, every parishioner has the privilege of personally experiencing the prayers, Scripture readings, hymns, and ceremonies of our Church.

On top of our weekly Sunday service, The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church also provides our churchgoers with several opportunities to serve God. We are active in a lot of ministries on both a local as well as global level. For instance, we have a Sunday School program, age-appropriate youth groups, Bible study classes, and numerous charitable projects. We also support people not just in the United States, but in other countries as well, including Syria, Turkey, Guatemala, and Egypt.

An Overview of the Orthodox Christian Church

The Orthodox Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ began on Pentecost—the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles. This was the time when St. Peter and the rest of the Disciples were doing God’s bidding by spreading the Gospel across the Mediterranean world, a crucial period given the infancy of the new Church.

Also known as the Church of the Ecumenical Councils, the Orthodox Church has always been a cornerstone in the emergence of Christianity.

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